What are knife cut noodles?


Knife-cut noodles, also called “dao xiao mian” or “dao xiao fen,” are a type of Chinese noodle this is hand-cut the usage of a knife. These noodles have a one-of-a-kind form and texture, putting them apart from different varieties of noodles typically discovered in Chinese delicacies.

The Process of Making Knife-Cut Noodles

The manner of creating knife-cut noodles involves skillfully cutting dough into skinny, abnormal strips using a pointy knife. The dough is usually made from wheat flour, water, and now and again salt. The dough is kneaded till it turns into smooth and elastic, then rolled out into a skinny sheet.

Once the dough sheet is ready, the noodle maker holds a pointy knife in a single hand and unexpectedly cuts the sheet into thin strips. The slicing approach calls for precision and pace to attain the desired thickness and texture of the noodles. The resulting noodles have a rustic, home made appearance, with each strip varying slightly in width and length.

Characteristics of Knife-Cut Noodles

Knife-cut noodles are characterized by using their thickness and chewy texture. The irregularity of the hand-cut strips gives them a completely unique, rustic charm. The thickness of the noodles provides a fulfilling chew and permits them to hold up properly in hearty, flavorful sauces and broths.

Due to their home made nature, knife-cut noodles have a slightly uneven surface, which facilitates them soak up and preserve onto sauces and flavors. This first-rate makes them perfect for dishes with rich, strong sauces or soups.

Common Dishes Featuring Knife-Cut Noodles

Knife-cut noodles are usually utilized in diverse Chinese dishes, mainly inside the northern regions of China in which they originated. Here are a few popular dishes that characteristic knife-Cut noodles:

Zhajiangmian: This dish features knife-Cut noodles crowned with a savory, thick sauce crafted from minced pork or soybean paste, together with vegetables and from time to time diced cucumbers or bean sprouts.

Liangpi: Liangpi is a cold noodle dish made with knife-cut noodles which might be generally served with a flavorful sauce, which includes chili oil, vinegar, and soy sauce. It is frequently garnished with cucumber, bean sprouts, and other greens.

Suan La Fen: Suan La Fen is a spicy and sour noodle soup that consists of knife-cut noodles, chili oil, vinegar, Sichuan peppercorns, and numerous toppings like tofu, veggies, and meat.

Dao Xiao Mian Soup: This is a simple and comforting soup that includes knife-cut noodles cooked in a clear broth with greens, mushrooms, and sometimes meat or seafood.


Knife-cut noodles are a beloved kind of Chinese noodle that is made through hand-reducing dough into abnormal strips. Their thickness, chewy texture, and capacity to preserve sauces and flavors lead them to a famous choice in diverse Chinese dishes. Whether loved in a wealthy sauce or a comforting soup, knife-reduce noodles provide a completely unique and gratifying dining experience for noodle lovers.


Can knife-cut noodles be made with gluten-unfastened flour?
While conventional knife-reduce noodles are made with wheat flour, it is feasible to experiment with gluten-unfastened flours like rice flour or a combination of different gluten-unfastened flours to create similar noodles.

Are knife-cut noodles the same as hand-pulled noodles?
No, knife-reduce noodles and hand-pulled noodles are one-of-a-kind. Hand-pulled noodles are stretched and pulled by using hand to create lengthy, elastic noodles, whereas knife-reduce noodles are made by way of reducing dough into strips with a knife.

Can I buy pre-packaged knife-reduce noodles?
Yes, pre-packaged knife-cut noodles can be observed in some Asian

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