How to Sharpen a Sushi Knife


Sushi is a sensitive and elaborate dish that calls for precision and attention to element. The key device used in growing sushi is the sushi knife. A sushi knife, also called a “yanagiba,” is an extended, skinny blade used for slicing fish and veggies. To create ideal slices of fish and different ingredients, it is vital to preserve your sushi knife sharp. In this article, we will cross over step-with the aid of-step instructions on a way to sharpen your sushi knife to maintain its sharpness and make sure the satisfactory pleasant of sushi possible.

Understanding the Basics of Sushi Knives

Before we start discussing the way to sharpen a sushi knife, it is essential to apprehend the fundamentals of sushi knives. A sushi knife has a unmarried-bevel blade, which means that that only one facet of the blade is sharpened, resulting in a pointy facet. This is different from Western-style knives which have a double-beveled blade, because of this that both aspects of the blade are sharpened.

Choosing the Right Whetstone

To sharpen a sushi knife, you may want a whetstone. It’s critical to choose the right type of whetstone to make sure that your sushi knife is sharpened efficaciously. There are numerous forms of whetstones available, however the maximum typically used for sushi knives are water stones.

Preparing the Whetstone

Before using a whetstone, it’s critical to put together it efficaciously. Soak the whetstone in water for at the least 15 minutes before use. This will make sure that the stone is moist sufficient to offer a smooth sprucing surface.

Sharpening the Sushi Knife

Once you’ve got organized your whetstone, you are geared up to start sprucing your sushi knife. Here are the stairs to observe:

Step 1: Hold the Knife at the Correct Angle

Hold the sushi knife at a 15-20 diploma perspective against the whetstone. The blade must be dealing with away from you.

Step 2: Begin Sharpening

Starting at the tip of the blade, move the knife back and forth across the whetstone. Be sure to maintain the angle constant as you sharpen. Do this for about ten strokes or till you notice a small burr on the backside of the knife.

Step 3: Repeat at the Other Side

Flip the knife over and repeat the method on the opposite side of the blade. Again, make certain to hold the angle consistent.

Step 4: Alternate Sides

Continue alternating aspects till you’ve sharpened the blade to your desired sharpness. A exact indicator of sharpness is while the burr at the backside of the blade is long gone.

Honing the Sushi Knife

After sharpening your sushi knife, it’s important to hone the blade. Honing realigns the edge of the blade and eliminates any burrs left from sharpening.

Step 1: Hold the Knife at a 15-degree Angle

Hold the sushi knife at a 15-diploma angle in opposition to a honing steel. The blade must be dealing with away from you.

Step 2: Begin Honing

Starting at the base of the blade, flow the knife to and fro throughout the honing metallic. Be positive to hold the perspective steady as you hone.

Step 3: Repeat at the Other Side

Flip the knife over and repeat the process on the alternative side of the blade. Again, make certain to preserve the perspective constant.

Step 4: Finish Honing

Continue alternating sides until you’ve got honed the blade on your preferred sharpness.

Maintaining the Sushi Knife

Now which you have effectively sharpened and honed your sushi knife, it’s vital to preserve its sharpness.

Storing the Sushi Knife

Storing your sushi knife well is critical to maintain its sharpness. After the use of the knife, rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly with a towel. Never positioned a wet knife away as this can motive rusting. Store the knife in a knife sheath or a knife block to protect the blade and prevent it from turning into stupid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I use an electric sharpener to sharpen my sushi knife?
It’s now not advocated to use an electric powered sharpener on a sushi knife as it can harm the blade. It’s satisfactory to sharpen your sushi knife manually the usage of a whetstone.

Q2. How regularly need to I sharpen my sushi knife?
The frequency of sprucing your sushi knife depends on how often you use it. As a popular rule, you should sharpen your sushi knife each three to six months.

Q3. Can I sharpen a stupid sushi knife?
Yes, you can sharpen a dull sushi knife. However, if the knife is simply too stupid, it is best to take it to a professional to sharpen it.

Q4. How do I understand if my sushi knife wishes sprucing?
A stupid sushi knife will no longer reduce through fish and different ingredients smoothly. If you be aware that your sushi knife isn’t cutting thru elements as without problems because it used to, it’s time to sharpen the blade.

Q5. Can I sharpen my sushi knife with a ordinary sprucing stone?
No, it is not advocated to apply a ordinary sharpening stone on a sushi knife. Sushi knives require a water stone for sprucing.


A sharp sushi knife is critical to create best slices of fish and different components. By following the steps outlined in this newsletter, you could sharpen your sushi knife and keep its sharpness. Remember to choose the right whetstone, hold the knife at the ideal attitude, and hone the blade to hold it sharp. With proper upkeep, your sushi knife will ultimate for years and offer you with the nice exceptional of sushi possible.

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